Your Gas Account

How  to Pay your account

  • BPay-  Details are on your account
  • Direct Debit- contact Buller Gas to arrange 1800 427 497
  • Cheque- To Buller Gas, Pox Box 28, Beechworth, Vic. 3747
  • Credit Card- Over the Phone contact 1800 427 497

Other methods of payment can be arranged with Buller Gas, phone 1800 427 497.

'Tariff A' Customer

Buller Gas offers smaller users an option to prepay your Gas Account once a year.  We estimate your Gas usage at the beginning of the financial year and forward an invoice for you to pay.  We still read your meter on the normal meter read rotation and debit your account accordingly.  We offer an annual $50.00 discount on your Gas Usage account.  If you would like to be a 'Tariff A' customer give Buller Gas a call 1800 427 497 or email:

When do I get an account?

Buller Gas reads the Gas meters monthly during the Ski Season and 3 monthly outside the Ski Season.  Accounts are issued within 1-2 weeks of meters being read.

Meter Read Dates  Period between reads
1 January - 31 March  3 Months
1 April - 30 June  3 Months
1 July - 31 July  1 Month
1 August - 31 August  1 Month
1 September - 30 September  1 Month
1 October - 31 December  3 Months

I have an error on my account

If there is an error in your bill or if we are informed of errors in the amount of LPG Gas delivered to your supply address, we will address these errors in the manner oulined below.

  • Account Undercharged

Where you have been undercharged we will either send you a special account that lists the amount undercharged, or the amount undercharged as a separate item on your next account.  Where you have been undercharged we will only seek to recover amounts undercharged in the 12 months prior to your last account.  We will not charge you interest on the undercharged amount, and we will allow you to pay the undercharged amount in  installments if you wish.

  • Account Overcharged

Where you have been overcharged more than $25.00 we will inform you of the overcharging within 10 business days of our becoming aware of the error, reimburse that amount overcharged and pay you interest on the amount.  Where you have been overcharged less than $25.00 we will credit the amount and interest on the amount on your next account.