Request for a Gas Supply

You have just purchased a property or are a new tenant moving into a property.  You must complete a 'CUSTOMER_AGREEMENT'.  Complete the form and return to Buller Gas for processing.  This form should be returned to Buller Gas  prior to gas being supplied.

Request for a final meter read

Are you selling your property, or have you finalised your rental?  Contact Buller Gas to arrange a final read. A fee applies to final reads, see Fees & Charges below.

Changing your billing address e.g. Treasurer etc.

If you wish to change the current property billing details, contact Buller Gas via phone or email, stating the change.  This also includes contact details for Club/Organisations for change of treasurer etc.  If you are a new tenant or owner, please refer to 'Request for a Gas Supply' above.

Disconnection - why & when

We may discontinue supply of Gas to your Address because:

  • You failed to pay your bill or make satisfactory payment arrangements with Buller Gas. A fee will apply to reconnection, see 'Fees & Charges' see below.
  • You fail to allow us access to your supply address and the meter.
  • You have obtained supply of LPG Gas in breach of any regulatory requirement in an emergency.

We will not discontinue supply of LPG gas,

  • Before we have given you the notice set out in the guaranteed customer service standards.
  • Where a formal complaint directly related to the reason for the discontinuation remains unresolved.
  • After 3.00pm Monday to Thursday, on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, on a public holiday or on the day before a public holiday, except in the case of a planned interruption.

In an emergency we are permitted to disconnect without notice. If we terminate supply to your supply address, this does not affect your rights or obligations which existed before the date of termination.

I have received a disconnection letter

If we discontinue supply of LPG gas to your address we will give you a notice setting out why supply was discontinued, plus a telephone number to contact  us to discuss the discontinuation.

My Gas has been disconnected

Pay the account in full or make arrangements with Buller Gas to pay your outstanding account.  A reconnection fee is required see 'Fees & Charges' below.

Fees & Charges -  (excluding GST)

Final read $50.00
Reconnection Fee (after disconnection, this is to be paid prior to reconnection) $150.00
Normal meter read (6 per year, charged to your account) $15.75 per read
Summer Disconnection (with reconnection date) $20.00