Development - Construction and Renovations

Buller Gas is a member of "Dial Before You Dig" (DBYD)and if a request is lodged with  them, we will provide information on the location of gas mains with on-site location and marking, where required.

No excavation is allowed at the Mt Buller Alpine Resort without prior notice being given to DBYD.

Buller Gas co-operates with developers to establish works required to provide gas services to new developments.  Structures are not permitted over gas mains.  If alterations are required, then Buller Gas will work with the developer to establish the requirements.

Application for a gas service must be made to Buller Gas with an estimate of the anticipated consumption.  A suitably qualified gas fitter must be used to connect premises to the gas main.

A  Buller Gas Customer Service application and agreement must be completed and approved prior to the gas being supplied.  Developers must also completed the Request for Service removal form (below) if the remove of the current Gas Service is required prior to any new construction taking place.