Frequently asked Questions

I think my Gas account is incorrect

Contact Buller Gas: We will, if required, recheck your last meter read,  investigate any abnormal Gas usage and assist in contacting a Plumber if required. 

I have a faulty Gas Appliance - Who can I call?

Buller Gas can recommend a number of Plumbers on Mt Buller.  This will be at your expense as Gas Supply past the meter is your responsibility. Contact Buller Gas

I have sold my property - what do I do?

Request a final read by contacting Buller Gas: refer to 'Connections/Disconnections' Click here

I have a new tenant - what do I do?

Request a final read by contacting Buller Gas: refer to 'Connections/Disconnections' Click here Once the tenant leaves the property the account will be rediverted back to you.  The tenant is required to request a final read on departure.

Can I get more detailed information regarding my Gas usage?

Yes! Contact Buller Gas and we can forward the Gas Usage History for your particular property. 

How can I reduce my gas bill?

  1. Insulation: heat entry and exit in your home can be greatly reduced by installing appropriate "R" value insulation in the ceilings and external walls.
  2. Thermostats: set any heating thermostat temperatures as low as you feel comfortable with during winter (suggest 19-20oC) Each 1oC above during winter will increase energy use by around 10%. 
  3. Fans: are relatively inexpensive to run at around 2c/hr. While they do not cool the air, they can reduce the need to switch on other higher energy consuming appliances and systems. 
  4. Water Efficient Shower Heads: install AAA rated shower heads which dispense water at 9 litres/minute compared to 20-25 litres/minute in a more traditional shower head. The less water needed, the less energy required.
  5. Energy (Star) Ratings: where applicable, use appliance Energy (Star) Ratings to select energy efficient appliances. The more stars, the more efficient the appliance.

Turning off your Gas over summer

If you leave your property unattendend during the summer period, Buller Gas can arrange for your Gas to be disabled during this time.  This will eliminate any unnecessary gas usage, you can nominate a date you wish the gas to be reconnected.  There is a fee for this service - refer to 'Connectons/Disconnections'Click here  

How do I know my meter is correct - meter calibration

If you have concerns your Gas meter is not operating correctly, Buller Gas can arrange for your meter to be recalibrated.  Buller Gas will remove your current meter and install a new one.  The meter is then sent to Melbourne for recalibration and returned with a report which we will forward to you if requested.  Buller Gas recalibrates a number of meters on a random basis every year as part of our maintenance program.